SuperSexySoftware is not just a company that makes games, apps, and everything in between: it is a state of mind. We use our own interdisciplinary approach to execute projects with profesionalism, efficiency and, most importantly, style. Whatever the target audience and the game genre are, SuperSexySoftware has got you covered with all the necessary research before beginning the project. From making a whole city run more efficiently, to changing the way an individual sees the world, SuperSexySoftware can take your concept and help make it a reality. Here at SuperSexySoftware we dare to think big. We dare to be SuperSexy.

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Our expertise goes beyond IT and graphic design, and we approach our projects from every angle, borrowing from such diverse fields as statistics, psychology and even philosophy.


We specialize in innovative approaches to problems centered around the idea of Gamification. Our goal is nothing less than a revolution in the way society thinks about games.


We believe that games are not only the best form of entertainment out there, but that they can also change the world. The way we see it, games can do just about everything.


Apart from making games, we also write about them. We research the development of the gaming world and use our experience in the field to analayze the trends in gaming. Out goal is to expand the humanistic side of the phenomenon that is gamification.

Our Team

Our team is made up of passionate people who dedicate everyday to perfecting their craft and being leaders in the design community in order to best serve our clients. The team is experienced and fully capable of taking on projects of any size.

  • Marta Szymańska

    Founder and CEO
  • Arkadiusz Burczyk

    3D Artist
  • Oktawian Wasilewski

  • Weronika Cwen

    Graphic & Web Designer


Our main area of expertise is design. We have worked with both local and foreign clients. When dealing with our clients, we make it our priority to be in constant communication, as well as provide constant updated as to the progression of the project.


We design and develop games in their entirety, but also work on individual elements of projects such as concept art, graphics, 3D modeling, programming, music, animation, special effects.


We design and develop mobile applications for iOS and Android. We also create augmented reality projects such as interactive presentations and room visualizations.


We put emphasis on design, whether it’s graphic design, web design, responsive design or print. We help the client in choosing the right style and direction for his project and take into consideration the newest trends in the industry.


We create the documentation that is necessary for every project and also write from scratch scrips and technical descriptions. We systematically report our progress and make it available to the client through basecamp.


The Shattering is a first-person horror action game taking place in the white, austere rooms of the main character’s own dream, (the gender and age of the protagonist are unspecified, the goal being to create the idea that the player is the protagonist).

The point of the game is to survive long enough to find your way out of this limbo. As you progress through the game, clues concerning your story can be found that allow you to figure out the nature of the rooms you have found yourself in. The rooms themselves change along with your understanding.

These clues take the shape of objects, letters, documents, and messages scrawled on walls. The rooms react to the mental state of the protagonist

which changes according to the choices he/she makes, (for example some parts of the environment can be destroyed or left alone). The choices the player makes not only effect the course of the game but also the conclusion. Messages found by the player can either help him/her along their way or trick them and lead them down the wrong path. The player must decide what is true or false, based on prior experience and clues found.

The game is planned to have 3 hours of gameplay, but the many paths a player can take and the multiple endings encourage completing the game multiple times. In fact, completing the game multiple times is the only way to truly understand the game’s plot, the protagonist’s story, and how he came to be trapped in his own thoughts.

Throughout the game the player masters new game mechanics. He starts by simply moving around the environment, and progresses to moving objects, changing points of view, changes the physics in the game and using other senses such as hearing to complete tasks.

The title The Shattering alludes to the protagonist’s psyche, which is in a tenuous state and is in danger of degenerating completely. The player must keep from losing his mind by performing the right choices and figuring out the nature of his situation. If he fails to do this his world falls apart figuratively but also literally: it shatters leaving the player in a white space unable to perform any actions.
Game over.

Apart from making games, we also write about them. We research the development of the gaming world and use our experience in the field to analayze the trends in gaming. Out goal is to expand the humanistic side of the phenomenon that is gamification.

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We are currently located in Gdańsk, Poland, but we work with clients from all over the world.

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